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Silicone Rubber Keypad
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Silicone Rubber Keypad

Silicone keyboards and silicone keyboard membrane switches provided by membrane switch manufacturers are standard electronic circuit switches. Ordinary people have seen silicone keyboards or silicone products more or less. Due to their low unit price, superior performance, and flexible design, they are widely used in electronic, medical, industrial, and military products. Niceone-tech is a keypad leading manufacturer of high-quality rubber keypads based in China. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in designing and producing custom silicone rubber keypads to meet your specific requirements.

The application scope of custom silicone rubber keypads mainly lies in:

Marine control

Medical Equipment


Industrial Controls

Consumer electronics


Health & Fitness Equipment

Some advantages of custom rubber keypad

  • Easy to clean.

  • The unit price of the product is lower and suitable for mass production

  • Specific materials can be used to produce antibacterial, edible, and UV resistant

  • Excellent tactile feedback.

  • Water and chemical resistance can be used for a long time in a humid and outdoor environment.

  • Backlight selection can shine in the dark. Because of laser carving. The product can make the button or logo appear transparent.

  • P+R

Precautions for custom China rubber keypads:

  • Snap Ratio: The Snap Ratio of the keyboard will affect the tactile feedback and product life. Generally, Niceone-tech recommends that the Snap Ratio be controlled at 40%-60%. If it is less than 40%, the life will be longer, but there is no feeling. In China, we will also call it a trip. The lower the trip, the longer the life span and the worse the tactile feedback.

  • Shore: The hardness is best to choose 30A-85A, if it is lower than 30A, the defective rate is higher and the product cost is more expensive. If it is higher than 85A, the silica gel is hard and easily broken.

  • Conventional rubber keyboard processing:

    Usually, PU or hand-feeling oil makes the printing life of the silicone surface longer. 

    Epoxy treatment: The product becomes more beautiful. 

    Conductive or non-conductive rubber keypad. 

    Multiple color options. 

    Phosphorescent "glow-in-the-dark" material additives. 

    Silkscreen printed keys. 

    Laser-etched keys. 

    Hard coating. 

    Epoxy coating. 

    Environmental shielding options. 

    Printed or laser-etched legends. 

    Printed circuit board assembly. 

Niceone-tech enables your rubber keypad products to obtain higher quality and more favorable price in the competition:

How to do it?

  • In the early stage, we will understand what customers need through engineering, and our designers will design and innovate based on the product drawings you provide to ensure that the product can appear in front of us in the perfect form. If the customer does not have a document and only has a product, we will charge an appropriate fee to help him produce the document

  • Niceone-tech will meet your requirements with the most practical and cost-effective solutions.

  • Our salesman will communicate with you anytime to report the product's progress.

  • We have advanced machines including printing, moulding, etc., and I believe we will give customers a set of perfect products.

As a professional custom silicone rubber keypad manufacturer in China, we can offer various silicone keypads including ones for membrane rubber domes. To learn more about membrane switches, please click on the membrane switch product gallery. If you need to customize the membrane switch, please feel free to contact us, our contact information is

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