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Definition and Quality of Thin Film Switch

Definition and Quality of Thin Film Switch

Film panel switch is an electronic component that combines the functions of a switch and decorative functionality. It is composed of a rigid or flexible printed circuit board as the substrate, equipped with tactile or non-tactile buttons, and covered with a printed plastic film with colored decorative patterns. It is a new type of human-machine interface.

Film switch, also known as touch keypad

It is a new type of electronic component that integrates light, mechanical, and electrical functions into a sealed structure made up of key switches, panels, markings, symbol display, and backplates. It is a fundamental change in the appearance structure of electronic products. It can replace the conventional discrete components' buttons and perform the mission of the operating system more reliably. The bubble film supporting the film switch reduces pressure and prevents failure, so it should be retained. The transparent film covering the front and back of the waterproof film switch is the display window of the film switch and should not be easily torn off. After taking out some film switches, they should be bundled the same way, but not too tightly. Film panels and film switches with tactile feedback and large quantities need to be stored vertically in boxes to avoid long-term pressure failure. The outgoing wires of the film switch must be well protected and should not be placed with the wires facing downwards. Film switches with display windows should be handled with care to avoid bending and leaving creases. Film switches should be stored in a dust-free and moisture-proof environment at room temperature, and there should be no acidic, alkaline, or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air.

Characteristics of film switches

  • Beautiful and novel appearance.

  • Film panel switches are small in size, thin, light, and more conducive to the development of lightweight, thin, short, small, and highly intelligent notebook keyboards.

  • Moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil-proof, and harmful gas-proof, with strong sealing, acid and alkali resistance, and shock resistance.

  • Long service life and bend resistance.

The quality of film switches depends on five major production factors: personnel, equipment, materials, methods, and environment. Since film switch manufacturers differ greatly in scale and level, their emphasis on the quality of film switches and their actual implementation vary.

There are many types of film varieties on the market, but the most commonly used panel printing films are PVC, PC, and PET. In terms of printing, the most important thing is the surface treatment effect of the film and whether it is affected by moisture. The corona effect has a time limit, and if placed for too long, the corona effect may decline too much to meet the printing requirements. Avoid reversing the printed film surface. There are many factors that affect the printing quality of film panel switches. Each film switch manufacturer has its own management methods to better grasp the quality of film switches. The quality control of raw materials is the most basic and critical process requirement in the production process of Haiwen film switches. It is hard to imagine that unqualified or inappropriate raw materials can guarantee the production of qualified film switches. Therefore, film switch manufacturing companies must persistently and effectively control the quality of raw materials.

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