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PCB Membrane Switch Panel - A Superior Electrical Performance Switch

PCB Membrane Switch Panel - A Superior Electrical Performance Switch

Various kinds of switches are used in various electronic products or equipment. By turning on and off the switch, the electrical equipment will work according to the user's needs. Among many switches, there is a type of membrane switch because of its small size and easy cleaning, which is deeply loved by users. Although most of the membrane switch circuits are printed with silver oil, carbon oil and UV ink on Polyester sheet. Some products require circuits with higher electrical performance to cope with extreme environments and extreme climates, then the PCB membrane switch panel is a perfect choice. Niceone-tech membrane switch factory has an obligation to let customers know more about PCB membrane switch panels.

What is the membrane PCB?

The glass fiber cloth in PCB (or printed circuit board) is one of the raw materials of copper-clad laminate, which is woven from glass fiber yarn, which accounts for about 40% (thick board) or 25% (thin board) of the cost of the copper-clad board. Therefore, PCB laminate models include FR-4, CEM-1, and G-10. The most commonly used material for PCBs today is FR-4. Simply put, PCB is the most important body of electronic components. The exposed area of the PCB needs to be protected by gold plating to avoid oxidation and corrosion.

What are the advantages of PCB membrane switches?

-Printed circuit board as a circuit has lower resistance and lower probability of circuit failure.

-PCB can be double-panelled and multi-panelled, which allows the same area of the circuit to make the product smaller, more durable and changeable (compared to the PET circuit). This is one of the reasons why PCB membrane switch panels are widely used. The most obvious place is our electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller, such as laptops, mobile phones and control devices. This is also due to the application of PCB.

-SMT welding, PCB can withstand high-temperature welding, and can integrate a large number of electronic accessories such as LEDs, LCD, capacitors, resistors, ICs, etc.

-High-frequency vibration can also prevent the electronic parts of the product from falling off easily. 

-Relative silver flex membrane switch.

PCB as a membrane switch panel circuit is more suitable for combination with LGF.

Is there any classification for the types of PCB membrane switches?

Silver flex membrane switch has Tactile & Non-Tactile Membrane Switches, and PCB membrane switch panel is also divided into Tactile & Non-Tactile. Tactile PCB membrane switch panel is more often through the sound of shrapnel, and obvious tactile feedback is one of the signs of product function realization. Non-Tactile PCB Membrane Switches have no tactile feedback, but they use the color change of the LEDs and the image change as a sign of function realization. For details, please refer to TACTILE VS. NON-TACTILE MEMBRANE SWITCHES: WHICH ONE IS BETTER? for more information.

To learn more about PCB membrane switch design and construction, please contact Niceone-tech immediately. As a professional membrane switch manufacturer, we can provide highly reliable customized membrane switches to meet specific needs. Excellent service, high quality, short delivery time, you can find what you need here anytime.

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