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Structural Performance of Film Switches

Structural Performance of Film Switches

Membrane switch is an operating system that integrates key functions, indicator components, and instrument panels. It consists of four parts: panel, upper circuit, isolation layer, and lower circuit.

Good sealing performance of the membrane switch

Since the membrane switch is a fully sealed structure, the switch contacts are not corroded by harmful gases and are not easily oxidized; it has the characteristics of water resistance and dust resistance, making it more suitable for various harsh environments.

Rich colors and beautiful appearance of the membrane switch

The electrical membrane switch can reflect individuality in the design of color patterns, and it embodies the comprehensive characteristics of material beauty, decorative beauty, and process beauty in decorative effects.

Small size, light weight, and reliable structure of the membrane switch

The electrical membrane switch can be designed to form a membrane keyboard, with high setting density. It is a sealed sheet structure composed of multiple layers of film. All the connection lines between the switches and the lead-out lines are completed by screen printing at one time. The total thickness is 1-3mm, which reduces the volume, reduces the weight, and improves the reliability.

Membrane switch reduces the matching cost of electromechanical products

Traditional mechanical switches require soldering during installation, and even need to be matched with fixed brackets; while the installation of membrane switch is paste-based. Just peel off the backing paper and it can be firmly pasted on the surface of the entire machine. Its lead-out line is inserted into the socket of the rear circuit of the whole machine, and the circuit can be connected instantaneously.

Durability of the membrane switch

The service life of the membrane switch can generally reach one million times or more. The reason for such a long service life is that the switch action is achieved only by the vertical rebound of the elastic film. Although the elastic film has undergone millions of creeping, due to the small amplitude of creep (that is, switch stroke) and the reasonable material selection, it has far from reached the yield limit of the film. Therefore, the membrane material can withstand a service life of more than one million times without deformation. From another perspective, the touch point of the switch is in direct contact vertically, with minimal wear; and the touch point of the screen-printed switch can form a sufficient thickness, and an additional layer of conductive carbon is added to the silver paste contact to achieve high wear resistance and self-lubrication. Therefore, the service life of the electrical membrane switch is tens of times higher than that of mechanical contact switches.

Membrane switch can be called an operating system, with good performance in terms of waterproof, dustproof, oil-proof, and resistance to harmful gases. It usually has a 6-layer structure. The structure and selection of different materials will produce different types of membrane switches. Due to the selection of materials, some membrane switches can achieve IP68, UV resistance, or antibacterial properties. The conventional thickness is below 1.0mm. And it is widely used in various control equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

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