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  • What is the Daily Capacity?

    It depends on the product structure, process difficulty, and mold size. Niceone-tech factory has 20 molding machines, with independent research and development and production capabilities of screen printing, spraying, epoxy, laser engraving, and other processes, which can meet the delivery needs of most customers.

  • Delivery Time Of Membrane Switch Products

    A. Membrane switch drawing design usually takes 3 working days. When the drawing provided by the customer has sufficient information-color (Pantone and RAL colour number), if the panel is colour printed, the customer needs to provide AI files, product line principles, and the location of the lead-out line, etc.

    B. When the customer confirms the membrane switch drawing, we will provide samples within 10-15 working days.

    C. After the customer confirms the membrane switch sample, the bulk goods will be completed in 15-22 working days.

  • Delivery Time Of Silicone Products

    A. Drawings need 3-5 working days. Customers need to provide 3D files and color numbers (Pantone and RAL color numbers). Process requirements, whether silica gel needs PU or feel oil. Whether the buttons need to be glued.

    B. After the customer confirms the drawings of silicone products, we will provide samples in 10-15 working days

    C. When the customer confirms the samples of silicone products, the bulk goods will be completed in 15-22 working days.

  • Delivery Process

    A. When sending samples, it will be accompanied by COC, measurement report, and product packing list.

    B. COC, measurement report, and product packing list will be attached when sending large goods.

  • What Courier Delivery Is Through

    Niceone-tech's product quotes are EXW prices, usually based on customer needs. FedEx, DHL, and UPS are often used.

    If the FOB price is needed, we need to give a cost estimate based on weight and the cost fluctuates greatly. Customers are not recommended to use FOB price.

  • How Does Niceone-tech Allow Customers To Better Track Their Products?

    Please download Niceone-tech's customer tracking form.

    Generally, we will reply to the accurate delivery within 24-36 hours, but within 8 hours, we will reply to the customer to receive the customer's email to avoid missing the order.

    We have a perfect tracking table from the beginning of the order to the delivery, so that customers can know the progress of film products, silicone products, and plastics. At the same time, establish a tracking form, enter the customer's product information and delivery date, and update the progress process to the customer every Friday.

  • Need Quick Valuation?

    Please provide the information required for the document. The initial price will be given within 12 hours.

    If you are in need of an official estimate click the link below and email or fax the completed form to us. We will respond within 24 hours.

  • Do You Accept a Small Amount of Orders?

    Of course! As one of the membrane keypad manufacturers, Niceone-tech is committed to meeting all customer needs! Even if you only need 1PCS, we will help you make it, but you must understand that the molds, tools, and process processes required by 1PCS and 10,000 PCS are consistent, so the number is small, and you may need to pay a higher unit price.

  • Has Your Company Obtained Iso Quality Management System Certification?

    Niceone-tech obtained the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and strictly followed the implementation.

  • Can I Have a Few Silicone Rubber and Membrane Switch Samples for Reference?

    Of course! Please contact us immediately and tell us which sample you need and your contact information, such as name, company name, address, and contact phone. If we have stock, we will provide you with samples.

  • Do I Need to Open a Mold?

    Most of the molds of Niceone-tech Silicone products have signed agreements with customers, and we need to strictly abide by this agreement. Therefore, when a product of Niceone-tech happens to be suitable for you, you can directly contact us to confirm that if the customer of this product no longer needs this product, and the customer also agrees to give up the mold, we can use this mold for your goods.

  • How Long Does It Take to Proof?

    It depends on the product structure and the difficulty of the process. If it is a simple product, the sample can be delivered within 10 to 15 days. The specific needs should be determined according to the drawings or samples you provide.

  • Are the Products Environmentally Friendly?

    All products of Niceone-tech silicone rubber products, China rubber keypad use 100% high quality pure silicone rubber material, which can provide third-party authoritative environmental protection test report.

  • How Large is Company?

    Niceone-tech has more than 200 employees nationwide, 20 molding machines, 5 automatic screen printing machines, 20 manual screen printing machines, 2 automatic spraying lines, and other five major process production equipment in the silicone rubber industry. The products currently produced are used in 17 global top 500 companies including Zebra, Danfoss, Honeywell, Vaillant, KRONOS, MOTOROLA, and so on.

  • What are the benefits of using double-sided tape with membrane switches?

    Double-sided tape provides a strong and secure bond between the switch and its intended surface, improves the performance of the switch, and enhances its durability

  • Can I use any type of graphic overlay for my membrane switch?

    No, the graphic overlay should be chosen based on the device's operating environment, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

  • Can I print custom logos and text on the overlay?

    Yes, most graphic overlays can be printed with custom designs, including logos and text.

  • Are acrylic overlays more expensive than polyester or polycarbonate overlays?

    Yes, acrylic overlays are generally more expensive due to their premium look and feel.

  • Are membrane keyboards good for gaming?

    Yes, membrane keypad is a great choice for gaming, as they offer fast and responsive keystrokes, making them ideal for quick reflexes.

  • How long do membrane keyboards last?

    Membrane keyboards can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.

  • Can I clean a membrane keyboard?

    Yes, you can clean a membrane keyboard using a soft cloth and a gentle cleaning solution.

  • When were membrane keyboards first used in consumer electronics?

    Membrane keyboards began to appear in consumer electronics in the 1990s, particularly with the rise of laptops and portable devices.

  • What are the advantages of membrane keyboards?

    Membrane keyboards are durable, easy to clean, and have a low profile, making them ideal for portable devices and industrial applications.

  • Are membrane keyboards still in use today?

    Absolutely! In fact, membrane keyboards are still the most common type of keyboard in use today, thanks to their versatility and durability.

  • Are membrane keyboards better than mechanical keyboards?

    It depends on your preferences. Membrane keyboards are generally cheaper and quieter than mechanical keyboards, but mechanical keyboards are often preferred by gamers and typists because they provide better tactile feedback and faster response times.

  • Are membrane keyboards durable?

    Yes, membrane keyboards are more durable than traditional mechanical keyboards because they have no moving parts, which means they are less likely to break.

  • Can I clean my membrane keyboard?

    Yes, you can clean your membrane keyboard by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the keyboard.

  • How do I fix a stuck key on my membrane keyboard?

    If a key on your membrane keyboard is stuck,If a key on your membrane keyboard is stuck, you can try gently prying it up with a small tool like a flathead screwdriver. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the keyboard.

  • Can I customize the layout of a membrane keyboard?

    No, membrane keyboards usually have a fixed layout, which means you cannot customize the location of the keys.

  • Can I adjust the actuation point on my keyboard?

    Some keyboards allow for actuation point adjustment, but it's not a common feature.

  • What is the best actuation point for gaming?

    It ultimately depends on personal preference, but a low actuation point is generally preferred for gaming.

  • Can the actuation point affect typing speed?

    Yes, the actuation point can affect typing speed, as a lower actuation point can result in faster typing speed.

  • What is the actuation force of a membrane keyboard?

    The actuation force of a membrane keyboard is typically between 180g and 600g.

  • What is a tactile membrane keyboard?

    A tactile membrane keyboard has a bump or click feedback when a key is pressed.

  • What is a non-tactile membrane keyboard?

    A non tactile membrane switch does not have a bump or click feedback when a key is pressed.

  • Which membrane keyboard actuation force is best for gaming?

    A non-tactile membrane keyboard is best for gaming.

  • What is the ideal membrane keyboard actuation distance for typing?

    The ideal actuation distance varies from person to person. However, most typists prefer a medium-throw membrane keyboard with an actuation distance of around 3mm.

  • Is a longer actuation distance better?

    Not necessarily. While some people prefer the tactile feedback of a longer keystroke, a longer actuation distance can lead to slower typing speed and hand fatigue.

  • Are all membrane keyboards the same?

    No, there are different types of membrane keyboards with varying actuation distances, key rollover, and other features. It's essential to research and compare different keyboards before making a purchase.

  • What is the difference between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard?

    A membrane keyboard uses a flexible membrane as the keyswitch, while a mechanical keyboard uses individual mechanical switches for each key.

  • Can you change the actuation point on a membrane keyboard?

    It is not usually possible to change the actuation point on a membrane keyboard because it is determined by the thickness of the membrane.

  • Are membrane keyboards quieter than mechanical keyboards?

    Yes, membrane keyboards are generally quieter than mechanical keyboards.

  • What is the lifespan of a membrane keyboard?

    The lifespan of a custom membrane keypad depends on the quality of the materials and the frequency of use. Generally, they can last for the lifespan of a membrane keyboard depends on the quality of the materials and the frequency of use. Generally, they can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.

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